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Sophomore Year;; Schedule

1- World Hist/Geog
2- Earth Science
3- Algebra 2 (gotta change that: definitely didn't pass geometry last year)
4- Theater 1
5- Gym
6- French 2
7- Honors World Lit & Comp

I'm excited. I think the biggest challenge is going to be not slipping into habits from Freshman year. This year has to be better.

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Not ready...not yet

I'm starting at Walla Walla University this coming quarter. But I'm not ready. Here's my to do list:

  1. Apply
  2. Do the FAFSA (Thank God that's over with. It was just like doing my taxes.)
  3. Call and reserve a room in the dorm
  4. Get a roommate (I'm going to call my prospective roommate tomorrow. Not the guy I hoped for, but I can always change if it doesn't work out.)
  5. Take the ACT (I never had the opportunity to take either the SAT or ACT in high school. ¬.¬)
  6. Register for classes
  7. Buy textbooks (Might as well flush my wallet now.)
  8. Get a job somewhere...anywhere in town. (Preferably on campus, but I've got prospects at Walla Walla General Hospital.)
  9. Meet people
  10. Fall in love again (Life, 1; Me, 0)
  11. Graduate
  12. Get married
  13. Become financially solvent
  14. Have kids
  15. Stop getting carried away and planning my life in to do list fashion

At least it starts September 21st.
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 I'm starting university september 2nd. I'm super excited! New people, studying stuff I like and all that. Also slightly scared to get lost, not make friends, university level is hard etc. I guess I just want to start already and see what it's like. So here's my schedule, i think it's awsome:


Intro to Media Writing


Photography and Digital Imaging

Internet Survey and Research


Mass Communications


Sociology of the Everyday


How's that look? I not only like the classes I'm taking, but also the times at which I'm taking them! No fridays was my goal from the beggining!

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Got my schedule today! :D

1st- Health ED (No PE! Yayuh!)
2nd- World Geography
3rd- English 1 GT
4th- Geometry Honors
5th- Intro Business Computer-shit class
6th- Biology 1 GT
7th- Latin 1

Today was orientation, so we went into the huge auditorium and got a long, and quite amusing talk from the principal, vice principal and one of the coaches. Mr.Vidrine stands at the front, looks to the junior/senior boys beside where we're sitting and tells them to stand up. "Alright girls, you see them? These junior and senior boys. They do not love you, nor will they ever love you. Now you know why they go for you and not the junior and senior girls, girls stand up. (The girls stand up) because they will have NOTHING to do with them." He goes on about staying focused, school is for education. Then he passes the microphone to Coach Rankings, I've never heard the words 'bull' and 'cotton picking' used that many times in one sentence. After the long speeches we get called up to go with our teachers, well needless to stay somebody's fucking teacher decided to LEAVE HER, so I have to ask both counselor where to go, which leads me to going with a counselor, asking her, getting a student to tell me and (unfortunately) some guy who decided to super glue himself to me, to the annex where I have first room. I get my schedule, follow two girls around with the rest of my pint sized class while they show us around. Did that help? No at all. I know I have Biology in the basement, World Geo in the annex and that is about it. So so so so so confusing. School is going to be hell for me
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new schedule

1 off 1 health and fitnness
2 ap english 12 2 ap english 12
3 ap calc ab 3 ap calc ab
4 advanced acting 4 econ
5 music survey of rock 5 jewelry
6 off 6 off
7 off 7 off

Back to school :D

So, I posted in this community the last year, totally excited about going back to school, don't really remember why. 

Now ... I really don't know what this year is going to be like. It's my first year in 'high school', I suppose you could call it that. The first of three years (: Yes, because in Portugal, you go like:

Primary school - 1st to 4th grade
Basic school - 5th and 6th grade
Erm .. 2nd Basic school xD - 7th to 9th year
and finally, Secondary school - 10th to 12th grade

So yes, I'm in 10th grade (: When we go from 9th to 10th grade, we have to pick an area, or even a technological course. About areas, in my school you have 4 areas (but only 2 opened :S):
1. Sciences and Technologies
2. Languages and Humanities
3. Visual Arts
4. Socioeconomic Arts

I picked Languages and Humanities (: The only two areas that opened here were 'Sciences and Technologies' and 'Languages and Humanities'. The other two areas didn't open because there weren't enough people for that =\

In my area, I will have 4 general subjects, and 3 area-specific subjects.
General: Portuguese, English, Filosophy and Physical Education
Specific: History A, Portuguese Literature and Mathematics Applied for Social Sciences

About the specific subjects, I had to obligatorily take 'History A', but then I had to choose two out of three subjects: Portuguese Literature, Mathematics ASS and Geography. I hate Geography, so my choice was just a bit obvious.

Anyway, I still don't know how my schedule will be, I only know that school starts on September 10th :D Wee. That's sooner than the previous years, which is good. I can't wait ^^ Even though I am really enjoying my Summer break x)

--Ana :D
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 Heya, Names Chelsey From Uk 

Well; In less then a month i will be going back to school. Or rather; Schools. 
Since June 2008 i have attened a pupil Refferal unit for Physically Ill or Emotionally Unstable Kids who can't attend mainstream school. In September, i will be starting re-intergration. Nervous much? =S.

Problem is though; the reason i was in the unit in the first place was because of a Guy , Let's call him X. X has now been reffered to the unit and will be starting in September. I will still be attending the unit then. 

My grades have already slipped enough as it is. If he's there; my grades will be pretty much non-existent. [[Grades reminds me -STUPID SATs SCREW UP! GIVE ME MY SATs RESULTS GOD DAMN]]

Okay;this probably made no sense what so ever butcha noooo =P

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There is exactly a month until my first day of school, which is cutting ahead of myself to say, "my first day of school," as I haven't even registered yet, and cannot do so until August 26th 2008. The hilarity in it, is that I have already graduated from high school, with an 82% average in my second semester. The catch? It was only my second semester that I came away with the 82%, and the deeper part of the catch is that those courses that I took were all college level courses, rather than the 6 M or U level courses needed in order to be accepted to University here in Ontario. 

So here I am, back at it again.. I will be attending hopefully just a semester of high school starting September 2nd 2008, but if the school should require me to do more than a semester, I am open to it. 

I plan on, eventually, attending University (not sure which one yet) to study English/English Literature in undergrad and after all that, attend either the University of Essex, or the University of Newcastle in England in order to gain my postgrad in Education (I believe you have to take Primary first, then Secondary afterwards unfortunately). 

I know already that if I wish to be accepted to any Ontario University that I must have at least 6 M or U level courses with a 70% or higher finishing grade under my belt, as well as I believe a finishing overall average of either 60% or 70% (but obviously striving for higher is better). As well as knowing how many of such a level I should need, I also know that I will need (cannot do without) Grade 12 U level English. So aside from English, what courses would be suited to my aspirations?

Also, what supplies should I take to school?! I still have my backpack from high school, and I have some old binders but what I have heard is that notebooks, like bound ones, are better for note taking than your standard binder and paper. I'm not sure however, if the school, or teachers rather require students to order their binders, and keep a structured and detailed contents list as I was required to do so in Grade 10 and 11 Sciences. 


Ps, My name is Stephy, I'm 19, I live in Ontario, Canada outside a small town called Marmora.


freshman year, woohoo?

I've been here before (I think it was last year) but I'll reintroduce myself. I'm Nadhira. haha.

So... I'm going to be a freshman in high school in September and I'm both nervous and excited. I've only been inside the building once, and hopefully I get another chance to see it before the year starts. I don't know what classes I'm taking yet, except for my core classes (English 9, Algebra 2/Trig(because I'm ahead), World Geography, BiologyORChemistry(can't remember)) and art. I was going to take photography classes, but I need to take (and pass) one full year of Art one before I can take photography at my school. We have to share lockers in our freshman year, and I have no idea how that process goes so I'm a little jittery about that as well. And apparently we can't eat off campus until senior year. doesn't that stink? But overall its all very exciting, going to high school and all. So, if you have any pointers or advice, I'd LOVE to take it. :D Thanks!

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Gosh, where'd this comm go?

In maybe a month (or less) I'm going to be a freshman. I'm not all that jittery, I've been in the high school countless times for my brothers and sisters it's just a whole lot bigger than my old school was. I'm sort of in the blue of what classes I'm taking, we find out on the 11th cause thats freshman orientation where we get our badge pictures taken, all that stuff. I know I'm taking the majority of gifted classes (since I have been since the 3rd grade) like gifted English 1, gifted Geometry, some sort of gifted or honors World Geography (or whatever I'm taking, whatever history is. I don't know). Unfortunately P.E. which has never been a strong subject of mine seeing as how I'm super lazy. I have to (another unfortunate) take a computer class which I dispise with every being. For my age, I'm extremely good with computers and html coding and I hate, absolutely fucking hate when people tell me how to type, or how to do stuff on a computer. Trust me, I know how to type, I know what to do when a computer freezes, I know how to code a layout for a website and yes I do know what html stands for, honestly it's not that complicated to remember. But I have to take that for two fucking years cause I didn't take it in junior high and along with that I'm taking Latin. Which I'm super extra excited about because both of my sisters took Latin and its taught by the best teacher. So for the most part I'm excited, to be with my friends and going to school in general which I like, but I'm nervous about being that annoying freshman who has to ask for directions at every turn. I'll get used to it soon enough, hopefully. Haha.
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