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Rules and Information

Welcome to Back 2 School!!! 

About Back_2_School
Summer time is now coming to an end for some people and they need a place to tell all about starting another new school year. What better place to tell all then back _2_school.

Back to school is a place to talk about about your new teacher, classmates, or just getting out of your summer habits and back into your old boring school ones. Basically anything that involves going back to school is accepted here!

1) Respect everyone. Come on people this is grade school stuff. Just because you don't agree with the person, you do not have to leave a nasty response.

2) Do not disable comments. If you don't want someone to respond, don't post it here. Discussions are encouraged.

3) No advertising other communities without a mod's permission. Now it is easy to get my permission, all you have to do is send me an e-mail (nocturnalwriter@hotmail.com) asking. Most of the time I will say yes, because I know 'How is anyone supposed to know about my new community if I don't advertise?' I'm not saying you can't, just get my permimssion.

4) Trolls are not welcomed. Go back to where you came from.

5) Please put all big and obnoxious fonts behind and lj cut. Please.

Simple Enough. I think everyone should be able to follow those without any problems.

Advertising on My Profile Page

So you want to have a spot on our profile page for your new(or old) community?
Well...we can do that, but there are a few things you have to do first.

1) Send me an e-mail wit the link of the community that you want to advertise. (No I do not advertise personal journals, only communities, sorry)

2) In the e-mail, tell me a little about your community. I want to know what I am advertising, of course.

3) Make sure to tell me what your personal livejournal name is with a link. I need this because I will not advertise people's communities who have been banned, or known to cause trouble.

4) Click send. Simple, no?

I will try to get back on you in 24-48 hours will my decision. Another note, yes if I advertise your community on my profile page you have to advertise mine. It doesn't have to be all pretty, just a smiple link would do if that's what you please.


Do you have ideas that would make this community better?
Do you not understand something?
Do you think that somethings need to be worked on and changed?

I love feedback. I try to answer all the e-mails I get with-in about 24-48 hours. Sometimes it takes me a lot less, sometimes some more. Please be patient with me.
Remember my e-mail is nocturnalwriter@hotmail.com.


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