August 25th, 2008

the much-awaited schedule

Hi. Junior here.

0. Math Analysis Honors 
1.  AP English Composition 
2.  French 5-6 
3. AP US History
4. AP Environmental Science
5. Yearbook 
6. Tennis (I'm the capitain, ftw)

I'm not sleeping this year. If you're on the same boat, add me. New friends are appreciated. 

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A sophomore and an IB student..

Hey guys!
Well school here starts on the 3rd of September...
Im going to be a sophomore + first year IB student. Here are my courses:

English HL(Higher Level)
Biology HL
Chemistry HL(Im dreading this course... >_<)
Math SL(Standard Level)
History SL
French SL
+ Theory of Knowledge.

LOL how screwed am I? XDDD The only course I'm really worried about would be chemistry..
Overall I'm actually excited about going back to school.

Ps: Any IB students here? Would care to give any piece of advice on how to survive my first year of this? XDDD