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School is great. Whats not great is the fact that I had to get rid of the red in my har hair (Hanna's signature hair), which I knew was coming. Other than that, high school is easy to get used to. I have to run around like crazy, from the annex, to the second floor, back to the annex, back to the second floor, up to the third floor, stay at the third floor, go down to the basement and back up to the second floor. Lets just say I'm gonna be as skinny as a bean pole. Which is fine, entirely with me. I hope everyone else's school is going good. (: I would also like to point out how nice I am, by the time 7th period was over it was storming cats and fucking horse sized dogs, and of course my sisters came to visit their old teachers and they parked ALL the way at the back of my school when they didn't know it was gonna rain. As we're walking into the rain, I notice this girl who has a huge stack of books that are getting poured on, so I offer help and walk her to her car in the rain. Haha, it made me feel good. I'll have to totally find her, and become friends. (:

Valete! (I listened in Latin! That's a first, I don't ever listen in class. ;])

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