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Time flies so fast. I remember clearly that I joined this community last year, before going into grade ten. And now I'm finished grade ten and I'm going to be a junior this coming September.

And I'm not ready yet!!!

Holey moley. I'm so freakin' scared. I know that my classes are going to be fine, but... I'm just not ready to be a junior yet. It frightens me and... quite honestly, I'm so very intimidated. I know I should've been used to this, because I'm obviously not getting any younger every year, but I don't know. Grade 11 just has a certain ring to it that makes me want to hide under a rock. Probably because another year and I'm off to university.

University. Damn.

AGH. And worse is that I haven't got my timetable yet. Hahah, I had this exact same problem last year. Funny how some things repeat themselves. Now that's some comfort. :)

I hope you guys are enjoying the last remnants of summer!

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