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Back to school :D

So, I posted in this community the last year, totally excited about going back to school, don't really remember why. 

Now ... I really don't know what this year is going to be like. It's my first year in 'high school', I suppose you could call it that. The first of three years (: Yes, because in Portugal, you go like:

Primary school - 1st to 4th grade
Basic school - 5th and 6th grade
Erm .. 2nd Basic school xD - 7th to 9th year
and finally, Secondary school - 10th to 12th grade

So yes, I'm in 10th grade (: When we go from 9th to 10th grade, we have to pick an area, or even a technological course. About areas, in my school you have 4 areas (but only 2 opened :S):
1. Sciences and Technologies
2. Languages and Humanities
3. Visual Arts
4. Socioeconomic Arts

I picked Languages and Humanities (: The only two areas that opened here were 'Sciences and Technologies' and 'Languages and Humanities'. The other two areas didn't open because there weren't enough people for that =\

In my area, I will have 4 general subjects, and 3 area-specific subjects.
General: Portuguese, English, Filosophy and Physical Education
Specific: History A, Portuguese Literature and Mathematics Applied for Social Sciences

About the specific subjects, I had to obligatorily take 'History A', but then I had to choose two out of three subjects: Portuguese Literature, Mathematics ASS and Geography. I hate Geography, so my choice was just a bit obvious.

Anyway, I still don't know how my schedule will be, I only know that school starts on September 10th :D Wee. That's sooner than the previous years, which is good. I can't wait ^^ Even though I am really enjoying my Summer break x)

--Ana :D

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