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Second year at community college.

Fall semester classes:

Introduction To Anthropology
Introduction To Literature (required to read 8 novels)
Advanced Composition (15-20 page research paper)
American Government (BIG research paper... not sure how big)

Why did I take two english classes? What can I say, I love english.

two weeks.

BREATHE. First two weeks of school are over and it was tough but the worst part is, it's going to get worse. I'm failing I think one class and the others, I really don't try as much as I should. Oh well, I'll fix it soon.

And BOYS. Oh Jesus, I don't know what I'm going to do about them. It's not that I want a boyfriend, I just want friends with benefits. And I'm pretty sure that, with the way I'm acting, I'll get what I want anyways.
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I'm going into grade 10 so I guess that's a sophomore. Where I'm from there are applied and academic classes with academic being more challenging than applied. Here's my schedule this year. Our school is also on a 4-day cycle.

Day's 1 & 3
period 1: Academic Canadian History
period 2: Applied Math
period 3: Drama
period 4: Civics

Day's 2 & 4
Period 1: Academic French
Period 2: Academic Science
Period 3: Academic English
Period 4: Fun & Fit (a gym course at my school)

And then in Term 2 it's almost the same except I have Careers last period on Day's 1&3.
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the much-awaited schedule

Hi. Junior here.

0. Math Analysis Honors 
1.  AP English Composition 
2.  French 5-6 
3. AP US History
4. AP Environmental Science
5. Yearbook 
6. Tennis (I'm the capitain, ftw)

I'm not sleeping this year. If you're on the same boat, add me. New friends are appreciated. 

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A sophomore and an IB student..

Hey guys!
Well school here starts on the 3rd of September...
Im going to be a sophomore + first year IB student. Here are my courses:

English HL(Higher Level)
Biology HL
Chemistry HL(Im dreading this course... >_<)
Math SL(Standard Level)
History SL
French SL
+ Theory of Knowledge.

LOL how screwed am I? XDDD The only course I'm really worried about would be chemistry..
Overall I'm actually excited about going back to school.

Ps: Any IB students here? Would care to give any piece of advice on how to survive my first year of this? XDDD
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GCSE Results

 I don't think I've ever posted in here, not on this username anyway, haha. I'm Myah, 16 and from the UK. I picked up my GCSE results today and got 1A, 5Bs and 7Cs. I'm so proud as I didn't think I'd get that at all :D. That means I'm off to Sixth Form to study my AS and A levels in September, I'm so excited! Yay :D
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School is great. Whats not great is the fact that I had to get rid of the red in my har hair (Hanna's signature hair), which I knew was coming. Other than that, high school is easy to get used to. I have to run around like crazy, from the annex, to the second floor, back to the annex, back to the second floor, up to the third floor, stay at the third floor, go down to the basement and back up to the second floor. Lets just say I'm gonna be as skinny as a bean pole. Which is fine, entirely with me. I hope everyone else's school is going good. (: I would also like to point out how nice I am, by the time 7th period was over it was storming cats and fucking horse sized dogs, and of course my sisters came to visit their old teachers and they parked ALL the way at the back of my school when they didn't know it was gonna rain. As we're walking into the rain, I notice this girl who has a huge stack of books that are getting poured on, so I offer help and walk her to her car in the rain. Haha, it made me feel good. I'll have to totally find her, and become friends. (:

Valete! (I listened in Latin! That's a first, I don't ever listen in class. ;])
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Starting University!

Hi everyone!

My name is Teja, I'm 18 and I live in Slovenia (Europe). After 8 years of elementary school, 4 years of high school (that's what the system is like here) and a near-perfect score at final exams (99.5/100) which enabled me to enroll anywhere I want, I'm finally entering my first year at University. I actually joined this community last year, but I had nothing to say; however this year I'm soooo excited I HAVE to write about it :D

So, I'll be attending the biggest University in the country - the University of Ljubljana, Department of Social Sciences, and I'll be "majoring" in Cultural Studies (you actually pick a program here which has about 2/3 of classes you have to take and 1/3 you can choose by yourself). There's no such thing here as a double major etc, but you can enroll in another program after you've completed your 1st year (so I'm pretty sure I'll be doing that next year).

So, my classes this year are as follows:

  • Social and Political Anthropology
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Communication Studies
  • Sociological Theories

  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies
  • Religion and Culture
  • Psychology of Communication
  • Social and Political Psychology

    Both Spring and Winter
  • Foreign Language I: English for Specific Purposes
  • Physical Education

    Lots of "Intro to"s for me this year, but it only gets better after this, so yes, I'm excited! I'm not too worried about the new amount of work etc, because I'm sure I can handle it; it's the new people I'm kinda scared of. I'm not the most communicative person around, but I don't exactly want to stay friendless. So I guess I'll have to work on that.

    Also, the school year starts October 1st for me, so I still have a month and a half long vacation ahead :P
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    Time flies so fast. I remember clearly that I joined this community last year, before going into grade ten. And now I'm finished grade ten and I'm going to be a junior this coming September.

    And I'm not ready yet!!!

    Holey moley. I'm so freakin' scared. I know that my classes are going to be fine, but... I'm just not ready to be a junior yet. It frightens me and... quite honestly, I'm so very intimidated. I know I should've been used to this, because I'm obviously not getting any younger every year, but I don't know. Grade 11 just has a certain ring to it that makes me want to hide under a rock. Probably because another year and I'm off to university.

    University. Damn.

    AGH. And worse is that I haven't got my timetable yet. Hahah, I had this exact same problem last year. Funny how some things repeat themselves. Now that's some comfort. :)

    I hope you guys are enjoying the last remnants of summer!
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